Friday, May 13, 2005

1 Peter 4: 12-19

As Mother’s Day just passed I have been thinking of the faithfulness of some mothers. I paid a Mother’s Day visit to the robin sitting on her nest in my backyard tree. I continued my kneeling and weeding under her tree, far enough away so that I wouldn’t alarm her as she sat, patient, on her nest.

My own mother, like many of yours, has had to patiently endure some sufferings in her life. In the past, she’s had to endure mistreatment for the sake of Christ and for her beliefs. This week I asked her how she could have been so calm. It even seems as though she operates in some other plane, not feeling the hurt, but I know she must have feelings like the rest of us. So I asked her her secret. She laughed and said she had prayed – a lot. She had no recourse and no ideas. Day and night she prayed and I believe that this communion with God, born of necessity, changed her. She is now one of the most serene people I know.

I used to think that a suffering person needed to develop a thick skin, to be tough and stand up to those who try to mistreat them, to get in touch with some inner tough guy. I know now that I want to get in touch with my inner Rosemary. I want to be fervent in prayer so it seems like serenity is just…me.

Linda Merola

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