Sunday, May 29, 2005

1 Timothy 6:6-21

"If we have food and clothing we will be content with that." 1 Tim 6:8

This is the second or third passage I've written on recently which has discussed our obsession with wealth and money. Again it has got me looking at the world and our area with an eye for the dollars and "things" we seem to hold dear.

This passage is telling us that the earthly things we need for a complete life are food and clothing. It struck me that shelter is not a part of this list. In this area we seem obsessed with our homes. You only need to look at the prices to see that this obsession has gotten out of control. House prices have doubled in the past 3 years (that's not scientific; I just know what's happened to our house since we purchased and what our old townhouse community is selling for). We are at the point where people cannot afford to move here unless they make a large salary and you have at least 2 incomes and really, more like 4.

What's really funny is that even when we have the "perfect" house we're not really happy in it. Something breaks and needs to be replaced, we have to mow the lawn every week, we have to clean the house. As the house gets bigger so do the responsibilities. There's always something about the house we have to do and really don't like.

Why are we so obsessed with something which God knows will not bring us contentment? Don't we already have enough food, clothes? Don't we already have God?

Tom Leary

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