Saturday, May 21, 2005

1Timothy 6:6-21

Paul sees the end, his own end, approaching, and knows
He will take nothing from this life to the life beyond. He knows
That the Lord's time is not Paul's time, the Lord's return
Will be, but in this time between, we all must wait, patiently.
Waiting is not easy for us, we have to fill the time with things,
Things to acquire, things that cost money, and so
We are in the cycle of getting and spending and forgetting
That trappings are a trap.
Paul charges Timothy, charges us too, to fight
The Good Fight, to contest against the frankly evil,
To let go of what is dragging on us and take hold of LIFE,
Not just the daily eating and drinking and breathing,
But righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness...
That was Timothy's call, the call from the presence of God
When he made his baptismal confession. From that point
(And from our own point) he and we are forever changed,
In the way the confession of Jesus before Pilate changed
Our sentence of death to His.
Timothy is entrusted with Paul's legacy, a treasure
That lays the foundation for the next age.
Be faithful, Timothy, for Paul's sake, for the sake of Christ,
And for all who follow in your way.
That's me, and all of you, and many we will never know
This side of eternity.
What do I treasure? With what am I contending?
What is my legacy? What is yours?

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