Friday, May 27, 2005

2 Corinthians 4:1-12

The sun has come out after the rain and the light is beautiful. It reminds me of the light of spring which lit up the woods after the dark winter. At that time I thought about the coming light of summer and how really, the real spring is yet to come when Jesus returns. The world will be lit by His presence and the darkness won’t hurt us anymore.

In this passage, Paul talks about light. First, he says, light shined at creation and now God’s light shines in our hearts.( I got a picture in my mind of illumination, like when we take a flashlight and search for something under the couch. Imagine a world with no dark corners, especially in people’s hearts). Even better, Paul says that this light shines to show us God’s glory in the face of Christ, that dear face that we look forward to seeing.

All this knowledge, Paul says, is a treasure (v.7). Many things are a treasure to me; my girls and husband, my brother who always calls me, my niece Elise (age 2) who stands in front of our fridge and yells out the color of the magnets. But really, like there is only one spring coming, there is only one Treasure. These things which can’t be measured and are priceless cannot compare to the treasure which we carry inside of us. Thank you, Jesus.

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