Thursday, May 19, 2005

2 Timothy 3:1-17

How often have you befriended someone who saw that relationship as a way to further their own interests instead of your own? How often do you expect these people to get their "just desserts" only for them to end up getting even more of what they want?

I had a friend, Geoff, who was my best friend through middle school and high school. He helped me to get my first job where I worked for 11 years. He taught me a bit about life and helped me really dive into computers and learn to program.

After some time (I'd say 5 - 6 years) I began to really notice that our friendship generally served to benefit him. Things which he seemed to do to help me, in the end, benefited him as well. He encouraged me to sin and all the while it looked good because I was benefiting from the "spoils". At the same time it was obvious he also gained from my actions. I ended up doing some of his work while he received the credit or I took the blame for his mistakes and became a fall-back guy if anything began to go wrong.

It is so easy to trust those who are even moderately older than you (Geoff had 5 years on me) and assume they have more experience and your best interests at heart. It is true that those who live a sinful life really can look good and win us over.

At this point of my life I've realized where my faith lies. It isn't in the promises of one person. It is in Jesus' love and forgiveness that my eternity lies. My struggle now is in forgiving Geoff for his actions and moving past those things I regret.

Who has come into your life and looked so appealing only to use you? How have you been able to show faith, patience, love and endurance during your persecutions and sufferings?


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