Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hebrews 7:1-17

Today's reading, I think, is difficult to understand after a quick read through. One needs to read it slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully to understand its meaning. If one does not, it would be easy to go right through it and miss its meaning.

I feel the main point of this reading deals with a living Christ who is today at the right hand of the Father.

If the Mosaic Law and the Jewish priest had been able to save people, why would God have needed to send a Savior into the world? The animal sacrifices that were conducted prior to Jesus had to be repeated on a frequent basis. Thus, they only brought temporary forgiveness. The sacrifice Jesus made for us was offered only once and brought permanent and total forgiveness. Under the new covenant, priest no longer had to come from the tribe of Levi and no longer had to interpret God's word for us. Jesus, our high priest, while in human form spoke directly to us and He continues speaking directly to us today while sitting at the right hand of the Father. Before Jesus came to us in human form, the teachings of the high priest were the foundation to which the Jewish people lived their lives. As our high priest, Jesus' teachings must be front and center in our lives; our foundation.

It can be easy to forget that Jesus is our high priest, especially when we face trials in our lives. However, we must always remember who is our high priest and follow His word and example. No one is perfect, but it helps me when the trials of daily life get me off track to remember our high priest's teachings to love God, love our neighbors, and to be a witness for Jesus.

May God bless you,
Richard Leach

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