Friday, May 20, 2005

I Timothy 5:17-25

I have been thinking some about hard work. Each morning I am the first one in our household to get up but when I go on our back deck and look out, the mother robin has already been up, looking for breakfast for her babies. (The blue jays most definitely have been up, but their way of looking for breakfast is to sit up in our neighbor's willow tree, watching for us to appear with their basket of peanuts).

Each day we begin our day with our household routines and this passage discusses routines in the household of faith. It talks about church leaders. Some of the people I have admired most through the years are church leaders who work hard at their jobs and then come faithfully to not only attend church on Sundays, but to help out. In our Wednesday night Bible Study this week we had a good discussion about how everyone’s place is special to the Body of Christ. May we all find something we can work hard at for His glory, for as Paul says in verse 25, good deeds can’t be hidden. Each one is a seed, bearing fruit for eternal good.

The book of Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy, one of those faithful church leaders. Paul tells Timothy, look at the athletes who train. Physical training has value, but we should train ourselves to be godly. (4:7). Athletic training requires discipline, so I wonder what disciplined training in godliness would look like. It would take time, for one thing. One would have to get up early or sacrifice time from “pleasure reading, “ for example, to meet God in the pages of Scripture. What will I be willing to give up this week in order to train myself to be godly?

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