Friday, June 17, 2005

Acts 2:37-47

"A Glimpse of Heaven" is seen in this description of the very early church. "Save yourselves, get out now!" from this world and our culture, is what Peter advises the people who heard about Jesus and asked, "now what do we do?" The "now what" becomes the church, and this familiar passage describes their life together, listening to the apostles' teaching, praying, sharing meals and miracles, having glad and sincere hearts (v. 46; that's the line I love).
I can look back on many glimpses of heaven which I have seen, in the form of the church. I see Richard , a busy man who sat at his computer one day last year and found a mission trip for our youth, growing us all stronger. I see people who care enough to give their time and sit on church committees,. I look back and see people in my church as I was a teenager, offering kind words. I look around at people who are an example to me with their gentleness and kindness (I am sometimes awestruck by how far I have to go to be Christlike, even though I have followed Him for so long!). I see teenagers, spending time with their little siblings.

Please pray for the church in Southern Sudan. I had dinner this evening with a women for whom the "what now" has resulted in her having a burden for this persecuted church. She devotes a majority of her time to raising awareness, funds, prayer and people to work for the church in Sudan. She travels to the Sudan, bringing practical resources and I ask you today to spend a few minutes in prayer for these people or other peoples who struggle so, including helpless children. I think people who are "rememberers" have a special gift, the abilty to remember and prayer for those who need God's mercy.

I really admire many of you who say, "what now?" and do God's work.

Linda Merola

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