Friday, June 24, 2005

Acts 7:17-29

“The Puffballs”

Last week in our garden I was treated to the sight and sound of a very noisy creature. It did look like a little puffball and was actually a very young bird; ping-pong ball sized with fuzz and a stump of a tail. Its size to volume ratio was very high (it was hungry and requesting food from the parent it was following around the garden).

Jesus uses small birds as an example of how God cares for us (Matt. 10:29). Don’t be afraid, Jesus says, God sees the sparrows and so He surely sees you. When I first reread this discourse by Stephen in Acts 7 I was struck by God’s care for the Jews. A lot of time went by between the time when God made His promises to Abraham, and the time when He sent Moses the deliverer, but still God saw and cared for the Jews, and God has His plan. First Moses was born, then when he was forty years old he thought he’d be recognized by the Jews (v. 25), but Moses had to flee to the desert for another forty years. So at least eighty years went by, but God still had His plan for Moses and for the Jews. Likewise, God has His plan for us and for our children whom He loves.

I admire Stephen so much for his bravery also. He pointed out here that the Jews had at first rejected Joseph, then Moses, and now Jesus. Stephen gave his life for telling the truth about God’s plan and now is with the Lord. I thank God for these brave people who sacrificed so that we would know the Lord.

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