Friday, June 10, 2005

II Cor. 12:11-21

As I read this passage I am struck by Paul’s faith in God. Paul is in difficulty here; He has worked so hard so that the people of Corinth would grow in Christ, and he has been met with rumors and mistrust. The seed of the gospel which Paul tried to sow apparently did not take root with many, who continued to sin (v. 21). He loved God so much and it must have been discouraging at times. But in this passage Paul’s love comes through, not impatience.

“What I want is not your possessions but you.” (v 14).

Paul says he would spend all he has for them, even his life (v.16)

“Everything we do, dear friends, is for your strengthening” (v.19)

Elsewhere, Paul calls the Corinthians “my dear children” (I Cor. 5:14). He just keeps encouraging them and reminding them that they are loved by God and by Him.

I guess sometimes that’s all we can be, is a reminder. I love you. God loves you. Keep going. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be distracted by the shiny things of the world or by dreams of glory. Be a servant. Care.

Paul never stopped being a reminder, a living memo; like one of those yellow post-it notes stuck on the world. It reads, “God’s.”

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