Sunday, June 19, 2005

James 1:1-18

As volunteers we could walk away from anything we are tasked with and leave it behind. Have any of you just walked away from something, wiping a clean slate regardless of the loose ends left behind? I know I've done this more than I care to admit (or more than I can even count).

I recently had a discussion with a youth group member and they told me they never look forward to going to their dance class each week. She knew that once she got there she'd enjoy it and feel much better having done it. She just didn’t look forward to attending dance again. Sure enough, that night she had a great time at class and couldn’t figure out why she considered skipping. I’ve done the same thing myself (not with dance, I’d turn myself into a pretzel… and never get untangled).

This question is raised for me though, what am I doing with my entire life? When I get bored of some part of it, will I just hand that part I don’t like off (or give up on life all together)? When I get tired of my wife, will I hand her off to some other guy? When our daughter Rachel becomes too much to handle will I just hand her off to someone else? Okay, I'll gladly give her to a babysitter... But not forever! When I volunteer to help out will I skip out assuming someone else will fill in the gap?

We need to persevere in our lives. It's only through committing to our own life that we will not lack for anything at the end. Look around your own life, what's worth committing to. We often don't spend enough time focusing on ourselves.

I need to make a promise to myself that I will commit to this life I’m living, persevering through the good and the bad times. Will you make that same commitment to yourself?

Tom Leary

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