Friday, July 08, 2005

Acts 10:34-48

This is the account of Peter at the house of Cornelius. These were exciting and mind-stretching days for the young believers. Peter is gracious to admit that he formerly did not associate with Gentiles (v. 28) but that God had showed him that no man should be called unclean.

Secondly, Cornelius prayed to God and the reason God revealed Himself to Cornelius was that God heard his pray and remembered his gifts to the poor. I like this reminder to myself that God loves it when we remember the poor (I am sorry, God; you say very little about me spending money on myself or my house except to say for me to fix my eyes on "things above" (Col. chapter 3).)

So, Peter then addresses those at the house of Cornelius. I love these speeches in the book of Acts which the disciples deliver as they are so clear about Jesus. Peter does not say, "Cornelius and friends, it's all good!!" Just do the best you can and be good people and give to the poor like Cornelius does!" No, Peter launches into the message of Christ and the cross. Jesus, he says is the one appointed by God to be the judge of the living and the dead and to give forgiveness of sins.

Words like "judge" and "sins" are hard words to deliver and to hear these days. I am so glad that Peter was touched by the hand of God and for his courage. Many would like to believe that Jesus is one way but Scripture does not give us that option. Jesus says, "I am the way”.

Let us be humbly grateful for the gift of salvation we have received. Let us also be courageous in sharing that gift, even as Peter was before us.

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