Friday, July 29, 2005

Acts 17:1-15

There is one line in this passage that really jumps out at me. It is the second half of verse 6, which in the New Revised Standard Version reads, ‘These people who have been turning the world upside down have come here also,…’

This is how Paul and Silas are described. I wonder. Would anybody describe you or me like that?

Of course the only way to turn something upside down is to take a radically different approach than the status quo. It’s to get out beyond what is safe and convenient and comfortable to confront and challenge people with their need to live life differently.

It turns out this is precisely what the disciples were doing, “saying there is another king [than the emperor] named Jesus.” (vs 7). No wonder the NIV translates vs 6 as "These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here,…

Let’s face it; to turn the world upside down is going to require us to cause some trouble. To be quite frank, I can’t imagine that proclaiming that Jesus is king, rather than money or things or political positions or certain points of view is going to go down any better today than it did then. To faithfully preach Christ’s way rather than what has come to be understood as the American Way (dare I even write that?) is going to stir things up just a bit, isn’t it?

So how are you doing on this? How am I? Are we willing to forsake polite respectability and be radically committed to proclaiming our Lord and Savior as God and King? Only when we can honestly answer that question “yes”, friends, will we have any chance of turning the world upside down once again.

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Anonymous said...

What you said is so true about being willing to turn the world upside down. And I must remember not to to be so smug as to think my views are the only right ones (so that would be the humility part). Close as I can remember, Davey Crockett said, "If you think you're right, think again." (I'm not sure I got that right!!.