Friday, July 01, 2005

Acts 9:1-9

This is the recounting of the conversion of Saul. Like in the story of Moses’ calling; God intervened in a dramatic way to call one of His servants. Really, He calls each of us every day, if we are listening.

Perhaps God had to go to great lengths (Saul saw a bright light and heard the voice of Jesus) because Saul was causing so much pain and suffering to the Christians he sought out. With Paul around it was a difficult time to be a Christian. A lot of people were very brave in those days. Paul sought Christians out, arrested and jailed them. Paul was present and in full agreement when Stephen was stoned (Acts 8:1). I think of how Paul looked back on this, after he became a Christian; with regret and sadness at the death of a fellow Christian. Paul himself was later was arrested and jailed because he followed Christ.

Likewise, we should not forget those who suffer for Christ now. We can remember them in prayer and giving. We can pray for each other as we live for Christ at school and work (and sometimes even more difficult, at home). We don’t have to suffer persecution usually, but I think the subtle ways we must sacrifice for Christ are hard also (sacrificing material things, time, etc). Sometimes God prompts me in small ways, and I try to ignore the prompting, rationalizing that it’s a very small thing He is asking.

God bless you this week and may we all sacrifice for Him in big and small ways.

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