Saturday, July 02, 2005

Acts 9:10-19

In this section of Acts, God tells Ananias to go to Saul and to lay his hands on him so that Saul may regain his sight. Ananias, however, is reluctant because of Saul's notorious reputation in his treatment of Christians. "Go!" God says, "for he is an instrument whom I have chosen..." Ananias obeys, and ministers to Saul, who regains his sight and receives the Holy Spirit

How would you respond to God if He spoke to you directly and asked you to do something risky? Outside your comfort zone? Alone? Would you dare to question God? Would you wait for assurances before acting

What if God asked you to do something that was well within your comfort zone, using the very gifts He'd given you, but which would require definite blocks of your time? Would you say, "I'm too busy. Can't someone else do it

It is unlikely that you will directly hear God's voice, as did Ananias. God will, more than likely, speak to you through the voice of a friend, a parent, a teacher, a priest, or perhaps through your own thoughts.

Is God nudging you? Whispering in your ear? Shouting at the top of His lungs to get your attention? Have you stopped to listen, to hear what He is asking of you?

Could God be asking, "Please

"...invite a friend to a Sunday service."

"...write an article or a poem for the newsletter

"...minister in My name to the elderly and frail in special homes."

"...minister in My name to the sick, the lonely, the homeless."

"...teach My word to your children."

" prepare My house for worship. There are many ways."

"...become a link in the Prayer Chain, or join the Sunday evening prayer group."

" and find your gifts."

"...share your gifts within My Body and to grow My Body."

Dear God, help me to listen to You, to hear what You would have me do. Grant me the grace to always say, without question or doubt or reluctance, "Yes, here I am Lord!" Amen.

Martha Olson

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