Sunday, July 17, 2005

Romans 11:33-12:2

I was at CreationFest a few weeks ago (a 4 day music festival with lots and lots of loud bands and great times). One of the stories I heard from Taylor Leach was the following:

Hey, look what I've got? (She then showed me a quarter with her name on it). While we were at the store we sat on a bench for a little while next to this really cool youth minister. He took a pencil and passed it through a quarter I gave him. He also showed us this really cool card trick, it was awesome!

Knowing Taylor's mom Jodie was there, I told her I'd heard about the "magician" youth minister. Here was her version of the story:

(Jodie began by rolling her eyes)
Yeah, that guy was really scary. He had his hair spiked and dyed orange, and his fingernails were painted orange. Plus he was dressed really radically, he just was weird looking.

Later Taylor agreed that the guy was kind of scary looking, but all she really remembered was that some guy performed magic and gave her a story she'll never forget. How about that for a way to bring someone to Christ?

Today's passage speaks to exactly this. We may see things in the world which are really, really weird. Honestly, we may see things which completely put us off. Regardless of how we look or how we act against the norm, when we offer our bodies to Christ He will use them. He'll use them in amazing ways to perform miracles.

As for me, maybe I should learn magic :)


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