Sunday, August 28, 2005

1 Timothy 4:7-16

All of my life I've been young, or at least younger than I felt I deserved. I had a friend in middle and high school who was 5 years older than me who helped me get my first job at a cable company when I was 11. I was running some management, financial, and technical support duties at the company by 15-16.

Imagine it, some 15 year-old come swaggering into your house to install your cable and get everything working correctly. Sounds weird to me now, but at the time I didn't understand why people didn't think I was really the installer when I was at the door. In reality though I'd been following someone else around for a few years, and I knew the cable set-up in apartment buildings really well. I put together rooms that take signals from satellites and send them through a community and can still explain to you what channel scramblers are and how they work.

Right now, while many of the youth know I'm almost older than dirt, lots of adults see me as really young. Too young to know enough about God to teach someone else about Him. While I'm certainly not as versed in the bible as I wish I were, God has given me the chance to really make a difference in someone's life and lead them to Him.

Years ago I focused my energies on work, and was the best cable technician I could be. I learned everything I could about the business, from management to computer programming. Now my focus has changed, toward that all important One. And now I have the chance to live scripture, to study it and share it with all those around me.

So, while I may be young I'm going to be the best God follower that I can be. My labor will strive for full acceptance and I will put my hope in the living God. When someone looks down on me for my lack of experience or age, it won't bring me down. I was not brought here by those who look down on me. I was brought here by God and given support by these blessed followers around me. It is for them that I, that we, preach.


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