Friday, August 05, 2005

Acts 19:21-41

The events in this passage occur during Paul’s third missionary journey through modern day Turkey. Religion was already established in the region. The inhabitants were proud of their worship. Paul came to the region to minister. He enters a town that is content with their lives.

The result is confusion. People protecting their income. People protecting their faith. Standing for the lives that they know.

I think it is human nature to live within our comfort zone. We strive during our lives, especially as adults, to construct a secure livelihood whether we are women or men with or without kids, married or single. We desire to build up a wall of protection so in the long run we will be secure whether the wind blows, etc, etc.

It is a consistent challenge to balance, our human nature to our faith. We are taught to be wise and protect our resources—whether they are family or they are skills that we have developed throughout the years.

With the freedom of choice that the Lord gives us, it is up to us where, when or how we choose to accept the offer of grace, forgiveness, and blessing that the Lord provides us. It is so hard to fathom the offer, much less the perseverance with which the Lord pursues us. I am consistently humbled by the rewards of seeking His face as I can however, inconsistently. Faithfully, the Lord waits for us. Encouragement and knowledge awaits us with every effort we make.

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