Friday, August 12, 2005

Acts 21:37-22:16

I have recently put some of my old photos in order. I thank God as I look back at the photos of high school friends whose faith I admired. They were an example to me and a support. When we met at church we were able to gain strength for our week ahead and were reminded that we were all in the journey together. Sort of like March of the Christians (I recently saw the movie March of the Penguins). One of our prayers for the members of our youth group, including the ones who just went on the mission trip is that they will encourage each other on the journey.

I feel even more awe as I watch the apostle Paul in these verses. He is so brave and such an example to me. The material life matters little to him. Suffering matters little to him. He just wants to tell story of Jesus. “I have learned how to be content in any situation,” he wrote (Phil 4:11). He did not write this from his comfortable home office but from prison. The more I think about Paul’s life the more credible his words become.

I love the words of Ananias as he spoke to Paul, telling Paul that he had been chosen to know God’s will, see the Righteous One and hear words from God’s mouth. What a thrilling message for Ananias to have received (in a vision) and to be able to deliver to Paul. Here then is the beginning of our spiritual story, as Paul was sent by God to the Gentiles. Retracing my spiritual story makes me thank God. Seeing Paul’s bravery and how God claimed him from his old life makes me thank God.

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