Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Acts 23:12-24

40 men have sworn an oath, they will not eat or drink
til Paul is dead. Their hearts so filled with hate
they throw away their laws, and hatch a plan
To mount an ambush. Somehow word gets through
to one young man, his name is lost to us,
Paul’s sister’s son. He gains an audience,
A sympathetic tribune who commands
A host of soldiers, spearmen, cavalry
Make ready for an escort to the coast
And see the governor there...

The Perils of Paul continue with this dramatic turn of events. Where is the escape this time...A person we meet neither before nor after learns of the plot, and through the hated local Roman authorities, an astonishing force will ensure safe passage to Caesarea.

This is the stuff of movies indeed, but what lies beyond this narrative episode? We strive to discern the hand of God in the contentions, back and forth, between religious and governmental authorities. In this case, it is the fact of Paul’s Roman citizenship which gives him the right to protected justice. Irony indeed that the laws of the oppressing authority serve a higher purpose.

Paul’s mission is...TO BE CONTINUED

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