Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Acts 23:23-35

I do not know about you but I had a tough time trying to understand the message in today's reading. I read it a couple of times before I felt in a position to write a devotion.

As background to today's reading, Paul must get out of town as a mob was forming and threatening to kill him. There were many ways God could have chosen to protect Paul, but He chose moving Paul to Caesarea. Now this is fine and this would remove Paul from the harm the mob was threatening, but what amazes me is the method God used to get Paul out of harm's way.

God chose to use the Roman army to deliver Paul from his enemies. Who would have thought that the Roman army, over 400 soldiers, would escort Paul to safety? This again demonstrates that God's ways are not limited by human constraints. The lesson here, I think, is that we should not put limits on God by asking Him for our preconceived idea of what help looks like. We should ask God for help and let Him determine the best course of action. When God intervenes, anything can happen. Many times, I find, that God's intervention is so much better than I could ever have anticipated. If I limit God to my human concept of what is possible I would remove from Him the ability to provide the help I so much desire.

Keep the faith and remember that God can do anything - not just what we consider possible. Ask God to help you, but let God determine how to provide that help.

Wishing you much success in your walk with Christ,
Richard Leach

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