Thursday, August 25, 2005

Acts 27:27-44

Have you noticed how at various points, such as today's passage, the Book of Acts reads like a novel? Though I believe the book to be an accurate historical accounting of the early life of the church, the story is told in such a way that the reader can't help but appreciate the drama of how God is acting on behalf of humanity. There are antagonists and forces that are clearly at work against the main characters, who in these verses is Paul, but it is equally clear that these antagonists, adversaries, and opposing forces will not win the day. The power of God to accomplish his purposes prevails.

Surely there is an adventure waiting for anyone who lives deeply enough into the life of faith. Oh, I don't mean that it will always have a naive romantic glamour to it; as we've seen in weeks past, sometimes this adventure will be exceedingly difficult. But it will be an adventure none the less, a life one will look back on and know they took the plunge and that God was faithful in it. Are you living that life? Am I?

Too many of us are living tired, insipid, piddling Christian lives when God would do so much more...

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