Friday, August 26, 2005

Acts 28:1-16

Like yesterday’s Acts account of Paul’s voyage, this account of Paul on Malta sounds like a story, a novel. Islanders built a welcoming fire for the shipwreck-ees, Paul got bit by a snake but didn’t die (even though everyone waited around waiting for him to swell up or suddenly fall down dead-it says that in the Bible).; it’s all so dramatic. Paul was even mistaken for a god when God protected him from the snake. What does all this drama have to do with our daily life?

On another level, though, Paul’s story continues to be about faithfulness. Paul continued to be faithful to his calling and to God. He does mention all that he has gone through for Christ in II Cor. 11, including the shipwreck, but only to say that all his experiences, and especially his weaknesses, show God’s faithfulness. Here on Malta, Paul continues to serve as when he prayed for and healed an official’s father, then healed the REST of the sick on the island (v. 9). Our lives may not be as dramatic but we can still be faithful to use our spiritual gifts, be kind, serve others and encourage other Christians, as the brothers from Rome encouraged Paul at the end of this passage. Sometimes when our daily life is tiring it’s easy to think that we have been waylaid, shipwrecked. But if we remain open and thankful to God’s provision for us, He will find us someone to bring healing to.

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