Sunday, August 14, 2005

Galatians 3:6-14

I failed the first time I went for my driving test in Washington DC. I was kind of shocked to say the least. I mean, I'd read everything, passed the written exam, paid attention during drivers Ed class and knew all of the driving facts there were to know.

How many feet do you park from the curb of a cross road? 100 ft.

How far from a fire hydrant do you park? 10 ft on either side.

When you see a red octagon what do you do? Stop.

How far behind a fire truck can you drive? Hmm, either 50 or 300 ft... Ok, so I forgot one (got it right on the test).

My point here is that it just wasn't enough to know and follow every one of the laws written down. I failed the driving test because I took one turn too wide (went a little in the far lane during a turn) and another turn too short (went too close to the cars during a right turn). I looked, there's no place that says how far you should be when turning.

Nevertheless I did get my license on the second try. To keep that license I still have to follow each and every law out there (and boy can that be tough sometimes).

This passage is telling us that faith is very similar. To live in this life we need to follow all of the laws governed. But to be truly faithful and a follower of God you need to go past the written laws. Faithfulness transcends the written law and is a way of living beyond the words.

It's great that I follow the rules written down, and even the message of the bible. But to really express my faith I go beyond those things. I try and spend as much of my time as I can furthering God's word to youth and adults around me. I strive to listen to the plan God has for my life and change myself to make it happen.

So, that fact that I park 10 feet from a fire hydrant doesn't make me faithful, but keeping within the lane when turning does. Seriously though, following the guidance laid out is wonderful. But to really live fully with God we should go beyond it all, and do the best we can for Him.


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