Sunday, September 04, 2005

Acts 4:18-31

Today I'm really looking forward to going to church, baking cookies, wrapping presents and enjoying G3. Two weeks from now youth group is planning to go to Hershey Park, which I'm really excited about. A month from now I'm planning to go down to Florida for a week long vacation with friends. Tuesday I plan to work from home and begin closing out a project I'm on. These are just a few of things I've got planned for the next month or so.

All of these plans could change tomorrow, heck they could change in a second. My life has already been planned out years, centuries and eons ago. God made me to fulfill a certain role in this world. He's planned every minute of every day.

A few years ago I came to realize this truth in my life. It's one of the scariest and most wonderful things. I still have to make plans each day and live this life, through the good days and the bad ones. At the same time, I feel it pretty relaxing to know there's someone more important than me planning my life for me.

Now, I am kind of a control freak. I like to be sure I'm in control of what's going on around me. That's a big part of why I barely drink (I've never been drunk) and I'd never do drugs. Sometimes though, being in control of everything can get old and overwhelming. Times like this bring me back to prayer. To make time for me to listen to God and what He wants me to do with my day. Times like this also help me remember to keep listening to God, even when I really do feel in control.

I do have free will, and I may not follow His plan all the time. Sometimes all I can do is pray that my plan is shared with the plan God has for me today, tomorrow, next month and next year.


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