Friday, September 23, 2005

I Cor. 7:1-9

This passage got me thinking about owners’ manuals. Actually, when I read this passage my first thought was, “why me?” since it pertains to sex and relations within marriage. But as I began to think about it I realized that this lesson about husbands and wives and their sex lives is one more example of God’s loving care for us. God cares about every area of our lives.

The Bible may be seen as history, God’s love story and also as an owner’s manual. This week the control box of my air conditioner was flashing “filter” at me. I stood there wondering what this could mean. I had just replaced the filter. Did it not like this brand? Did I have to go to the store at this hour and buy it a new filter? Did this have anything to do with the moisture under the filter holder? Was something going to catch on fire? Finally I consulted the owner’s manual and was able to decipher what the thing was trying to communicate to me (it had nothing to do with anything catching on fire and it was not rejecting the new filter).

God made us and He loves us so much more than anyone else ever will. Last week I wrote about submitting to Scripture. We can trust God and have the faith to obey Scripture, even when in our world we encounter many messages contrary to Scripure, especially in the are of sexual mores. We can know that He made us and knows what is best for us. Many younger people can find strength in this message as so much of popular entertainment carries false messages about sex. May you find comfort as you find God in Scripture.

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