Friday, September 16, 2005

I Cor.3: 16-23

In this passage Paul is addressing a problem in the Corinthian church. Church members had aligned themselves with different church leaders, forming factions. Paul attempts to teach the Corinthians that boastfully holding a favored leader up as wise is using the world’s standards. Paul once again brings the discussion back to Christ and his preeminence. Again I am reminded that God’s word is the true yardstick against which I should measure anything; any goal, idea or emotion.

In this case the Corinthians were falling in line behind favored leaders. Any church may have disagreements over what is important. It reminds me the importance of humbling ourself (and myself) before God’s word so that He may show us what is important. Each morning as I read God’s word it is a time to calm my heart and humbly ask God to show me how to go His way, and bring my thoughts under submission to Him. Paul expresses this again very well in II Cor. 10:5: It is pretension which sets itself against the knowledge of God. As I thought over the concept of relying on Scripture the word SUBMISSION to God’s word came to me. Submission seems to be the opposite of pretension. To me pretension says, I don’t need help from God.

Rather than being wise in the world’s eyes I pray that I can submit to Scripture and be wise in the ways of God.

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