Saturday, October 01, 2005

1 Corinthians 10:1-13

He led them all into the desert, his presence abiding
And never in doubt. Before them he parted the waters,
With water baptized them. They never lacked food or a drink
As a rock for all ages sustained them. And that rock was Christ.
With strength for the tapping they ought to have prospered,
The promise was theirs for the claiming.
Yet all that they left
Was a valley of bones strewn among broken stones
And a warning lest any should follow the evil road home.
They rose up to play in the old pagan way,
And the death toll hit twenty-three thousand.
They grumbled, then stumbled, as snakes had their way with the rest.

We followed a call to the desert. We lack nearly nothing.
Our standing is high. But the serpents are still out among us.
Shall we also fall? Is the warning for us?
Is destruction our earned legacy?
There is a way out, safe from any temptation
Just one way out, out through the waters,
Through the holy food and drink,
through the Rock.

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