Friday, October 14, 2005

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

This passage seems like a re-listing of Gospel facts (Christ died-check. Christ rose again-check…) but as I thought about the passage I realized once again, what a gift our faith is. This passage is a list of blessings. Like Paul says in the end of the passage though, it’s all about GRACE. Sometimes by God’s grace I can see how blessed I am to have my faith, and like Paul I humbly thank God.

Right away in verse 2 that we are saved if we hold firmly to our faith. Both versions of the Bible I studied pointed out that some aren’t able to hold firmly to what they never had in the first place. I have seen people slip away from the faith and I can pray that they return. By contrast, I am surrounded by friends who have “held firm” with me in the faith, all these years. What a blessing. More and more lately at church I have experienced the joy of sharing our life together in Christ.

In the second paragraph of the passage Paul recounts the historical details of Jesus’ life; Jesus died, was buried and most importantly, was raised, and appeared to many witnesses. Although I go through many days without thinking of the resurrection, it is the basis of my faith, and Paul here says, don’t worry ,it is a fact, to those whose faith he shepherds. (I wonder what more I can do for those whose faith I care about).

In the last paragraph Paul just says, thank You. Thank You thank You, Jesus. It is by grace we are saved and it’s surely not something we deserve. We work for God but it is by His grace that we work. So we, together, are by grace, saying thanks.

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