Sunday, October 09, 2005

Acts 14:8-18

When is the last time you were confused for a god? I know, I know it happens to me all the time too. It just gets so tiresome convincing those around me to stop sacrificing animals to me. Heh heh. Ok, seriously now.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they were a god, or at least had godly powers? I know I have. Thinking back to high school when I was a shy, quiet guy at 16 convinced I would never be dateable. I tell you, any girl who gave me a second glad I would follow. I'd sacrifice anything for her (and with my first serious relationship I did sacrifice a lot, my money, my dignity and especially my morals). While I didn't really think she was a god (or goddess in this case) I sure tried to treat her like one.

How many other people in this world do we follow blindly?

To the crowd it looks as though Paul has performed a miracle, giving a man the power to walk. I know some Christ followers who would put down their beliefs and think Paul was a god. But the good news here is that it was the crippled man's faith which gave him the power to walk, no human performed that miracle. And so the crowd began to blindly follow Peter. Even after Peter and Barnabas told explained everything to them the crowd still wouldn't believe.

This same is true within our own lives. I often find myself looking to those around me, assuming they know more than I do. This happens a lot at work, but also at home. Somehow I seem to believe my wife is infallible, and I get frustrated when she makes mistakes. Other times I look to a boss or co-worker, assuming their answer to a problem must be the right one. There have been times in life I've looked to a priest or church leader, assuming their position within the church means they must know everything about how to live life (how to have a successful marriage, how to work through an addiction or even how to run a youth ministry program).

All of this is unfair. Unfair to the people I think know everything about anything, and unfair to myself. To know everything about anything there are only two places I should look... To God and to His Word.


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