Sunday, October 16, 2005

Acts 16:6-15

How many times have you brought someone to Christ? How often have you been able to welcome someone to the church and bring them to baptism in Him? Being able to help lead just one person to God would make life worth living.

I've been blessed to have God has use me in many different ways to deepen someone's faith. I've had some simple conversations to help someone through a problem. I've led discussions on how God wants us to live our lives. I've been able to write about faith through the newsletter, my blog and these devotions.

Really the main way I've helped others toward God is the simplest of them all. Doing everything I can to live the life God has for me. By shining His light everywhere I can.

This passage helps remind me why it is I live this life and what I'm doing here on earth. I'm here to follow Peter and bring other lives to Christ. I may hit brick walls sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) or push someone harder than I should.

Thankfully I have the Spirit with me as a guide, leading me through roadblocks. He is also there to give me patience and wait for the time when a life is ready to be impacted. To show me that sometimes I need to change my direction to fulfill His work.

Isn't it great to know we have a guide living inside each of us? The Holy Spirit is giving us advice when we most need it. While my own free will may get in the way sometimes, I feel so good knowing that He will always be walking with me, and helping me grow His kingdom.


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