Tuesday, November 22, 2005

1 Peter 1:13–25

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Well, we have something different this week. After 4 weeks of Revelation, this week we have 1 Peter. Last week we were blest with the promise “Behold I make all things new.” This week Peter challenges his readers on how we should be “new.” He starts by telling us to focus on the grace that has come to us through the revelation of Jesus Christ. Do you have as much trouble focusing on things as I do? There is so much to distract. It is so easy to focus on our Lord on a Sunday morning while taking communion and being around other faithful. It is not so easy Monday morning or in the next staff meeting at work. How to stay focused on our spiritual being? I know that I exist on earth as 2 realities. The physical reality is temporary and yet it gets all my attention. My spiritual reality is the most valuable reality I have (Jesus ensured eternal life) and yet I struggle to stay in touch.

Peter demands that we change from our pre Jesus “ignorance” to our saved and enlightened condition – that we become holy like our lord. It is wonderful to be reminded that our souls have been purified by the sacrifice of Jesus. This purity allows us to love one another earnestly from the heart. We are expected to act on our “holiness” and be born anew.

We are told to focus on the grace that comes with revelation of Jesus. The word grace is used in so many contexts that I find it difficult to understand its meaning. I prefer to understand grace as a gift from God that I did not earn. My whole spiritual self is a gift that I did not earn. I spend so much of my time earning “things” that I often lose sight of my most valuable asset and the fact it is free.

Thank the Lord and Fr. Rob for allowing me to write this weekly devotional. It gives me the chance to think about my state of grace other than on Sunday morning and I can do it anywhere and any time. This is good for me and hopefully it is good for you to.

John Dickie

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I've just started to try these 'online devotions'. I have happened to read yours....
They've been great. Thanks for sharing.