Friday, November 25, 2005

1 Peter 3:13-4:6


This is a wintry cold Thanksgiving Day. As far as nature goes, we got dessert first in that we got a nice dusting of snow last night. We have so much to be thankful for (and my friends reading this top my list) that we don’t even realize it. Speaking of friends, I read that all the youth from our church who are now in Mississippi helping out went down in a large van together, driving 17 hours with our youth ministers. I’m sure that made a lot of Thanksgiving memories!
One of the themes of the book of I Peter is hope in dealing with suffering for being a Christian. Peter advises the beleaguered Christians to speak gently and with respect, even in the conflict of being challenged. I love the reminder to be gentle (which I often need to remember in my own home).

I wish now that we are entering the Christmas season that we could remember it is a religious, not a commercial season. I wish I could pretend that it is still Thanksgiving and just be thankful. I wish I could just be happy to be alive, to feel the cold wind, and not be able to read the glossy department store ads (never mind all those electronics ads).
In this reading Peter says that suffering in the body makes one less prone to live ones’ life for “evil human desires” (4:2). We don’t suffer much but surely I can sacrifice somehow and make me look at others’ needs rather than getting more shiny things for myself. And this is the season of shiny. Hopefully for me the shine can come from doing things for others, out of my gratefulness to God.

Happy Thanksgiving and may this gentle day’s spirit be with us this Advent season.

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