Friday, November 11, 2005

Rev. 19:11:16

The Rider on the White Horse

Today after work as I walked in the woods the earth seemed gold. The sky was gold too in the sunset. The floor of the woods had a golden carpet of fall leaves too. Pretty good special effects (I just watched a sci fi movie). All that grandeur.

This passage describes grandeur. It’s about the coming of a king. This king is so great that we don’t even know his real name (v 12). He will rule and bring justice. Over all the kings of the earth, He is the King of Kings. (v 16).

This passage describes a rider who has come to rule all, riding on a white horse. Again the book of Revelation contains awesome images, but it helps to think in terms of worship. The rider, Christ, is first described as Faithful and True. Whatever happens in the rest of the chapter or in the rest of history, Christ will rule, and He is faithful and True. I can think of many circumstances in my life, including this week, in which He was faithful and true. The “little” circumstances this week include traumatic trips to the dentist and vet; seemingly trivial, but watched over lovingly by Jesus.

Verse 11 says, “with justice he judges and makes war.” We do shy away from the idea of anyone being punished but Scripture does not, and says that it will be done, and done with justice.

Today, as we go about our day, may we worship Jesus and be comforted, knowing that He will come to rule. This same Jesus, who will come in grandeur, comes to us in the quiet moments, if we can quiet ourselves in worship during the day.

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