Saturday, November 12, 2005

Revelation 20:1-6

This passage gets us even closer to the ultimate finale. The thousand-year reign, the Millennium, has been the subject of contentious debate and will continue so. But more important to me, and I hope to us, is what it says about our current state and where we are going.

Evil in the world today is unbound. It impacts all of human-kind daily in ways large and small. It has led to suffering and all of the love-choking misery that spells death, bodily death and the death of the soul. Evil has not overcome God's goodness, but remains "at large" in the world.

Revelation 20 speaks of a future when God's power, through angelic power and the reign of Christ, bind up Evil and banish Evil from the world. Again, this is not a present-day reality, but because it is a future hope, it gives us strength to resist Evil in all of its present-day forms. Ultimately, it has no dominion over us--not through all the things, including suffering and death, that can be done to us.

And that gives hope for today, and ultimate hope that never dies.

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