Thursday, December 29, 2005

2 John 1-13

If you read the 13 verses for today, you will have read one of the entire books of the Bible. This passage constitutes the entirety of 2 John.

It is written to the “chosen lady and her children,” which most would interpret as a reference to the church. In fact, Eugene Peterson translates these words in the message as “my dear congregation.”

Notice verse 3. Instead of the standard greeting, the blessings available in Christ are stated as an accomplished fact. Years of walking faithfully with God had brought to John a surety in the promises of Jesus. Perseverance has its benefits.

Verse 4 has good news and bad news. The good news: some are walking with the Lord. The bad news: apparently some, even in the church, are not. There seems to be division in the followers of Jesus already.

For John, the solution is simple: Love one another. He is not talking about any old love; he is talking about love that is defined by keeping Christ’s commandments (vs 6). We are not free to define love as wish, often choosing the path of least resistance?

As we end one year and start another, we would do well the think about the status of love in our lives. Is love our highest priority? Have we grown in love? Are there significant obstacles that keep us from love?

And perhaps most importantly: what in this New Year will we do differently, in order that we might better love as Christ first loved us?.

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