Sunday, December 18, 2005

Revelation 12:1-10

Today’s reading tells of a great battle in heaven. Satan, the accuser, and his cohorts were thrown down. There was no place for them in heaven. The reading concludes with the statement, “… who accuses them day and night before our God.”

Do you ever hear the accuser? I know I do. It seems that sometimes I can actually hear him talking to God: “Did you just see how your boy Alan yelled at his kids? What kind of man would do that? And you call him one of your own?”
His words make me feel worthless.

It’s not just his voice, though. It seems like there is an accusatory attitude that entices me. I find myself wanting to be an accuser. I want to point out faults rather than praise accomplishments; I want to ridicule rather than encourage. When I see the consequences of my accusations, again I feel worthless.

The biggest way that I see the accuser at work is in the fear with which he tries to overwhelm me. As I succumb to his enticements, I find myself dwelling on possibilities and imaginings; always some foreboding future with unpleasant circumstances or bad consequences. The fear can become almost palpable and in many ways paralyzing.

Praise God, there is another voice besides the accuser’s.
Just as Michael and his angels won the heavenly battle against Satan, we know that Jesus has won the final battle. Hebrews tells us that he is our advocate with the Father in heaven, continually interceding on our behalf.

Sometimes it might be difficult, but I need to listen for and hear the voice of my Champion, Jesus, speaking day and night before our God; words of thanksgiving, praise, and encouragement for me.

Listen – you can your hear Him speaking for you too.

Alan Davenport

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