Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Revelation 1:9-16

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Hello faithful reader. May the Lord bless your day. To help, he has provided this short chapter from Revelation 1. John indicates how he came to receive his “revelation”. He was on the island of Patmos in the Lord’s service. God spoke directly to him and told him to write down what he saw and to send it to the 7 churches. Upon hearing the instruction he turns to the source of God’s voice and sees the vision of the risen Christ in Glory.

This passage is so direct and to the point. The language is not hidden in mystery. This is not magic. It is real. What he saw was real to him. God revealed himself to John and gave him a very direct instruction. How did John get into such a position that enabled this to happen. What can we learn from this?

I first see John as someone whose life was committed to God. Fully committed, not just a Sunday or sometime commitment but total. With this commitment came the spiritual presence of God. John entered another world, the spiritual world and witnessed the glory of Christ on his throne. He uses the colors white and gold to appeal to our understanding of holiness and power. The 7 lamp stands and 7 stars indicating Christ’s lordship over the 7 churches that were to receive this revelation from John “the witness”. God is reassuring the 7 churches that they are not alone and that he holds them in his hand to protect and nurture them.

In order for me to relate to this at a personal level I try to image how I could put myself into an emotional position where I would be open to God’s direct communication with me. The word “ecstasy” jumps to mind. Not the drug - but the total joy of knowing that God is real and working in me. John must have been in “ecstasy” when he heard God’s voice and saw what he saw. I do believe that this vision is available for all of us if we accept our spiritual reality and enter into it. When I pray, I enter the other world. I just need to do more of it and be more open for what God has to say. I do believe. Now I must listen.

John Dickie

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