Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hebrews 6:13-20

Years ago, in a true story that perhaps sometime I will tell at greater length, we rescued a boat that had lost its anchor. Caught in the heavy current of an outgoing tide of a treacherous inlet, it had slammed into the concrete abutments of a bridge, cracking its transom and disabling the motor. It was 3AM, the boat was sinking fast, and the crew was inebriated. Loosing their anchor was for them a matter of life and death.

Is it any different for us? When people lose (or loose, as I first typed!) their anchors in life, things tend to go down hill fast. In the face of tragedy, which surely comes to us all, they are left with nothing to hold. In the face of temptation, they have nothing to hold them fast. In the face of finding meaning and significance, they find themselves set adrift without purpose or direction.

We all probably know people like this, and we’ve probably all been there ourselves somewhere along the way. It is not a pleasant place to be, is it?

Hebrews speaks of our hope in the promise of God and in His character that stands behind that promise as our anchor. Jesus is the embodiment of that hope, the fulfillment of God’s promise, the incarnation of God’s character. He plants the anchor firmly in heaven, and it holds secure.

As Abraham knew so well, God always makes good on His promises. Storms may rage (and they do.) Disappointments may come (and the do.) We may fail (and we will.) But our hope remains sound and unshaken, so long as we remain tethered to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These are glorious verses for those of us who believe. But they should also provide us with a strong motivation to rescue those who have lost their anchor. Like the story with which began, the stakes are so very high.

It is hard to imagine any real follower of Jesus Christ, any real believer in God and His love, sitting safe and content on their well anchored boat while others are swept to sure destruction…

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