Sunday, January 01, 2006

Revelation 19:11-16

As I read today’s reading in Revelations, I was struck by ALL the adjectives and word pictures used in the passage. My imagination was stirred by several descriptions in particular.

The first was the identification of the rider of the white horse as Faithful and True (vs. 11). Clearly, the rider is Jesus, but as I thought about this image, I was struck by how obvious it was to John with what words to tag the rider. I began to personalize the image and I wondered how people see me, and I questioned myself: “As people see me, what do they call me? What are the words that people use to describe me?”

Another description that grabbed me was that of the armies of heaven. They wore fine linen, white and pure, and riding on their own horses – they followed Jesus (vs. 14). I thought, “It’s a good thing they were riding horses, too. If they were riding something else they wouldn’t be with their leader.” This made me ask myself, “What kind of Jesus follower am I? Am I in step with Jesus?”

The final picture that engaged my imagination was of Jesus treading the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty (vs. 15). While not a terribly pleasant task, it was a task appointed to Jesus and one he executed without question. I asked myself, “How do I work for God and what tasks has he appointed me?”

While the questions may be pertinent to you, I really just share them to let you see one of the ways that God speaks to me through his Word. I believe that a holy imagination can be a wonderful tool in moving us forward in our walk of faith. I would encourage you to let the word pictures and descriptions from the Bible move beyond your intellect to your emotions and imaginations.

Alan Davenport

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