Sunday, March 19, 2006

Genesis 44:1-17; Psalm 34; Romans 8:1-10; John 5:25-29

I am a daughter of God. I am led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides me and leads me to Christ and helps me to become like Christ. This is what the Bible tells me. We are not controlled by sin but by God’s Spirit in us. All we need to do is to follow God’s word, turn from sin, obey God, and our prayers will be answered. We may have troubles in our lives, but if we are righteous, the Lord will deliver us from them all.

I don’t know about you, but I have difficulty sustaining my faith in believing those words. Will the Lord really deliver me, or wouldn’t it be wiser for me to try to fix my troubles on my own, just in case? My fear and worries take over. I tell myself there must be something more I can do…to be more responsible, more accountable, and more knowledgeable. When I am called to do good and do God’s work, how will I measure up?

I recently was asked to participate in a healing service at Saint Matthew’s. Although I was uncomfortable, never having done that before, I accepted the offer. Before and during the service I kept asking myself, “Who am I to be praying for people?” Surely this takes special training, a special spiritual awareness. Am I worthy enough to ask for healing from God for others through prayer? It was when my son said to me, “Mom, it’s not about you,” that I realized that I was participating in God’s work. It wasn’t about me and all my concerns. I was a vessel through which God was working. What was important was not “how good” but “do good.” God was leading me, and I was willing to be led. The experience taught me not to rely on myself but on God. God is always affirming his faith in me. I just need to follow.

That is what God asks of us all. He leads and guides us to work through him, troubles and all. If we choose to believe in him and follow, our prayers will all be answered, and God’s loving kingdom will be ours forever.

Sharon Ferguson

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