Thursday, April 20, 2006

1 Corinthians 15:41-50

Some time ago, I read an article that wrote of how much sadder people have become since pinning their hopes and dreams to this world. Once, of course, most people in the western world believed in Heaven, and knew that between Earth and Heaven, Earth was the poorer place of the two. So, though they enjoyed life in this world for what it is worth, they didn’t expect it to satisfy their deepest hopes and dreams and longings.

Somewhere along the line that has changed. Now people tend to see this world as their one shot at happiness. Unfortunately, this world was never made to bear that kind of weight.

When people find that although they have a beautiful home, the perfect family, top of the line cars, exciting careers, and even a travel log of exotic trips—but still aren’t completely happy and fulfilled, they wonder what is wrong. Many become anxious, frustrated, or depressed. Others push even harder into more destructive behaviors; addictions, affairs, even higher level consuming.

The specifics of what Paul is writing about today are perhaps hard to understand. But the point is not: there is a far better world coming.

Just what is this “spiritual body” that Paul says we will receive after the resurrection? Who can say for sure? But Paul gives us a series of contrasts, each of which is meant to show that the life we receive will be so much better than the life we now know. However pleasurable our present bodies may be, our new bodies will be all the more glorious, powerful, and free from corruption.

So…to put the majority of our time and energy into hopes and dreams bound to this world is the path of certain disappointment. There are many in our day who are surprised at this. As Christians, may we not be found among them.

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