Sunday, April 02, 2006

Exodus 3:16-4:12; Psalm 145; Romans 12:1-21;
John 8:46-59

God allowed Moses to run from the pain of a failed attempt to rescue his suffering people in Egypt. Moses began a new life in the desert of Midian as a shepherd. He married, had children, yet longed for his own people. He didn’t realize that taking care of ewes and lambs was a leadership course. (Compare King David.) God’s works must be done in God’s way. After forty years God appeared in the form of a burning bush and said, in effect. “Moses, you’ve got mail!” Moses listened and was told to take off his shoes – for this was a holy chat room. Moses obeyed. The authority was established. God continued to instruct, confirming the message with signs and wonders. Then God said he wanted Moses to go to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to “let Israel go now!”

It had been an awesome conversation. Then Moses realized he was going to have to face his fear. His insecurities clutched him. “I’m not a good speaker. I have a speech impediment. Please, send someone else.” Moses would rather be depressed than be delivered, it seemed.

God understood, though it angered him. As a pacifier, he gave Moses his brother Aaron to become his spokesman. Moses would not have to be alone to do God’s work. Someone from home was the encouragement Moses needed to go forth, a comfort that would be seen and touched.

In time, that provision would not satisfy. One day someone would come in the flesh who would understand all sides of any conflict and would free all slaves of the natural mind. That time had not yet come for Moses. But for us, when God says we’ve got mail, because of Jesus, we are equipped to hear his voice and obey the message with risen assurance.

Althea Kuniholm

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