Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Exodus 7:8-24; Psalms 128, 129, 130;
2 Corinthians 2:14-3:6; Mark 10:1-16

God cared about his people – the Israelites – so he instructed Moses and Aaron to go to the Pharaoh and implore him to set them free. But God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and made him want to keep the Israelites in slavery. The Israelites sang songs of God’s glory and prayed for mercy while still in bondage. God heard and took pity, sending Moses, Aaron, and the plagues to Egypt to show Pharaoh that he must let God’s people go. God made Pharaoh’s heart harden, however, because he knew it was going to take something big to make Pharaoh see the light and recognize God as the one and only true God. Meanwhile, he sent Moses and Aaron to do smaller things (such as turning the Nile into blood and the staff to a snake) in order to work slowly on Pharaoh and let him have a chance to counteract by using his magicians. God fought fair up to the end, doing things he knew the magicians and sorcerers could recreate, until the final plague, which he knew could not be duplicated, and which was the final straw in Pharaoh’s letting the Israelites go.

God is patient with everyone – with Pharaoh, with the Israelites, and with us today.

God comes through for the downtrodden. Even though the Israelites were stuck in slavery, they did not forget God, and he did not forget them. He remembers us just the same. He wants us to worship him through all the things that happen in our lives. He is always there for us.

Bethany Hansberger

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