Friday, April 14, 2006

Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-33; Psalm 22;
1 Peter 1:10-20; John 19:38-42

Imagine you have not got the Sunday News:

The journey ends today, at the top of the Skull.

Without mistake this is indeed the end,

Bitter, bitter with gall, and costly, costly for blood.

Beyond the sunset now is only fear,

A fear of being seen and known as “them” –

The party of the Galilean “king.”

No place is safe, no word passed in the dark

But may be heard, may lead to your own cross.

This is not how you dared to dream back home.

The end comes not in glory, but disgrace;

Not freedom, but again oppressor’s chains;

Not hope, but black, black, unrelieved despair.

And yet.

When darkness comes the candles shall be lit

To welcome in Shabbat, the weekly rest,

Not just Shabbat tonight, but Shabbat of the feast,

Pesach, a night unlike all other nights,

When lambs go to the slaughter, but freedom is won,

And the flight begins out of Egypt.

This is what you know, and all you have known:

God’s people never shall be left behind,

Alone, for dead, without the promised word.

But one man, one man only, has the means

And courage fit to save the master from

The common grave of thieves, and scraps for dogs.

Joseph dreamed of the kingdom, dreams even now

Of something – though he scarcely can know what.

But in the garden tomb the Shepherd lies

Whose sheep are scattered far throughout the night.

The garden waits, gives up its heat, and rests.

Matthew Brown

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