Tuesday, May 09, 2006

1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10

Daily Devotional – Tuesday May 9 2006
Thessalonians 1- 10

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Paul had many difficult letters to write. Many letters, where he had to scold and chastise in the name of the Lord. This letter to the Thessalonians must have been a pleasure for him to write. It is a clear letter of commendation and encouragement. It must also have been a great comfort to its readers to know that their work in Macedonia was recognized and that God was blessing their efforts. Paul speaks of affliction, so they are reassured that their suffering was not for nothing.

Paul speaks of the fact that the Thessalonians “had been chosen by God”. Wow! To have your work and life chosen by God. Isn’t this something we all want deep down? They have responded to the teaching they had received. They acted on it. But God’s work didn’t end there. It grew and spread. The word of God being passed from person to person. The good news that a life saver was there for all who listened and believed. People did believe and they told others.

I have always marveled at just how fast the early church grew. The bible speaks of thousands of new believers in single days. People who turned from the comfortable and familiar religions of their parents to this new idea of a simple wood worker who was the Son of God and had died to save their souls. Not only did they change their belief but they were persecuted for doing it. The power of the Holy Spirit overcoming fear. No wonder Paul said they had been chosen and praised their success.

I believe God expects nothing less of us today. It is a very different world we live in but our human spiritual needs have not changed. We can also be comforted by the knowledge that we have all been chosen. Jesus has chosen me and you and he waits for us to join him for eternity.


John Dickie, May 9, 2006

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