Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daily Devotional – Tuesday June 5
Galations 1:18 - 2:10

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

May God bless you this day. The message of these 2 letters to the Galations is 14 years apart. I found it interesting that Paul is stating that he was not known after 3 years of preaching the gospel. Why was that important to him? He was known, but not as an individual. He was known only as someone that had persecuted Christ and his followers and now was one of them. I wonder if Paul was offended in any way because of that lack of being recognized on his own right. Did Paul have an ego? As a fellow flawed human, I presume he did. Also by stating that …”I do not lie”, he must have had some concern that people may not believe him. I find it hard to imagine Paul questioning himself and showing lack of self confidence. I am sure he finally concluded that what is really important is that “people glorified God because of him”. Is this what motivated him and kept him going? I think so.

The tone of his letter in Galations 2 is quite different. First it is 14 years later and he is well known. The writing is full of self confidence. He refers to those of “repute” with certain disdain. He is no longer concerned about his own recognition but whether those he preaches to respond to his call. We all want to be recognized don’t we? As one of 5 children my childhood was spent trying to be recognized. My dear wife is an only child and never has struggled with being recognized. While I have struggled in the past to be recognized by others, I have discovered that being recognized by God is the easiest of tasks. When Jesus became real in my life, I established a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit with the full knowledge that God knows I am here and he cares about me. Not only does he care, he cares a bunch.


John Dickie, June 5, 2006

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