Saturday, June 10, 2006

Galatians 3:23 - 4:11

A fellow I know from work, Scott, is going to become a father some time in the next month. When the call comes, he and his wife are going to fly to China and meet, spend time with, and then bring home to Northern Virginia their first child.

Scott's life is going to change, in ways that all of us who are parents can readily identify with. But somewhere in China today there is a little boy whose life is going to change in ways that he cannot even imagine. Apart from the love he will get from his new parents, he will be growing up with a comfortable lifestyle and amazing opportunities--education and technology-driven to be sure.

But above all, that little boy will be introduced, at an early age, to the Son of God. And that is where he, the Galatians, and all of us who bear the name of Christ find our common ground.

We had a former life, a life in which we experienced perhaps some good things. But there was another life waiting for us in another realm, a life which offered transcendent things, things beyond all power to purchase or purloin. And that Life took hold of us, and made us a promise for now and a promise for eternity. And as far above and beyond as that Person is, He is as close and huggable as, and answers to that ancient, child's word for Daddy, "Abba".

Thanks be to God for our adoption into His Son's inheritance. May it surpass our dreams altogether. Amen.

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