Tuesday, June 13, 2006

galations 4:21 - 31

Daily Devotional – Tuesday June 13 2006
Galations 4:21 - 31

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Today, Paul continues his teaching to the community in Galatia. He uses an allegory to illustrate his point. I must admit that I had to read it a few times to get his point. Paul is going back to our Jewish origins and tells the familiar story of Abraham’s 2 sons. He extends the allegory to include Jerusalem as being in slavery as was Hagar and her son. However the Jerusalem “above” is free. He introduces the reality that through Jesus Christ we are children of the free Jersalem and that we are born of the spirit and not of the flesh.

If we are free, what are we free from? Each of us will have our own answer based on our own experience and where we are on our Christian journey. Paul was speaking directly to freedom from the strict Jewish laws that shaped their daily life. To me these laws are a negative motivator since they believe that bad things will happen if the Law is not followed.

Jesus Christ has given us a positive motivation and this is the freedom that I feel as a Christian. We have the freedom to be a witness of the love and charity of God to those around us and to show this through our behaviour. This does not mean that we can set our own standards of morality and can ignore the social rules that govern us. Christ has given us clear standards to live by in this regard and these are consistent with a loving and careing Christian lfe style. Through the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that connects us, we are driven by Love not Fear. That is the freedom we have. Thanks be to God!


John Dickie, June 13 2006

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