Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Romans 1:16-25

Daily Devotional – Tuesday June 20 Romans 1:16-25

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Greetings to you dear reader on this Father’s Day. May God bless you and bless what you do today. To be recognized and loved by the people you love is a truly wonderful thing. I love Fathers Day. I have a 91 year old Father and I just called him to wish him well. I had to call 3 times before I caught him home. He and my 90 year old mother were out to dinner at a restaurant. I wonder if I will be at a restaurant on Fathers Day when I am 91. It is in God’s hands.

What has this got to do with today’s reading? Not much really other than we all want to be recognized. I am sure the Roman church were very encouraged and strengthened by Paul’s letter. He knows their conditions and his words of recognition would be very much appreciated. Paul is very anxious to visit Rome and speak to them directly. He wants to confirm the Gospel and to reinforce the power of the Gospel. He knows their faith needs to be strengthened.

Paul knows they are persecuted by men who deny God and the Good News offered to them through Jesus Christ. The proof of God’s reality and his Power is all around them yet they deny. These pagans turned God into images of people or animals so they could exercise control over them. Paul is anxious to help the Roman church to confirm the Power of the Gospel. He does not name Jesus directly in this passage but focuses on God the Father and the Power of the Gospel.

I am sure the faith of the Romans was stronger after receiving this letter just as our spirits are strengthened by the recognition we receive from people we care about on special days like Fathers day.


John Dickie, June 19, 2006

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